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Neuco Un-Managed Hosting

Fee Schedule – Jan 1, 2013

Setup fee Monthly fee Description
$25 $18 Minimal Web Site (Name based web site)
10MB data storage
1GB Data transfer per calendar month
Prepay an entire year for only $180! (prepay 6 months for $100)
$25 $25 Standard Web Site (Name based web site)
100MB Storage,
2GB data transfer per calendar month
10 POP accounts
$45 $45 SSL Enabled Web Site (Secure Server enabled, IP based web site)
100MB storage
2GB data transfer
10 POP accounts
Does NOT include secure server certificate. Certificate required for secure operation.
$25 $15 Email Only Domain Name (NO WEB SITE—EMAIL ONLY)
20MB data storage
1GB data transfer per month
10 POP accounts
Prepay an entire year for only $120! (Prepay 6 months for $75)

Network Solutions Domain Names

Price (per domain)

Network Solutions Domain Registration – .com, .net, .org

$35 One year registration
$60 Two year registration
$75 Three year registration
$100 Five year registration
$25 Reinstatement fee for expired domain name

Web Site Add-Ons

Setup fee Monthly fee Description
$125 - One year Secure Server Certificate from GeoTrust/Equifax
$5 $5 Add additional 10 pop accounts to existing web site
$5 $5 Add additional 100MB Storage
$5 $5 Add additional 1 GB pre-paidTransfer per calendar month
- $10 Per GB transferred over pre-paid monthly limit.
$5 $2 Domain Name Service (DNS) for additional domain name pointing to your existing web site.
Does NOT include email for additional domain name
$5 $5 Per SQL Database

Miscellaneous Fees

Fee Description
$50 reactivating web site disabled due to non payment
$125 Misc. Hourly consulting


  1. All plans require a minimum one year committment.
  2. Storage limits include all of your files on the server. This includes your web site files, untretrieved email, log files, etc.
  3. Data transferred is a measure of the amount of data transferred both into, and out of, our server for your domain. This includes incoming web requests, outgoing web pages served, incoming mail, outgoing mail, and files uploaded to your web site.
  4. POP accounts include vacation autoresponders, secure webmail access, vacation auto responders, email aliases, and auto responders.
  5. Unused resources (bandwidth, disk space, mailboxes, etc.) may not be 'rolled over' into subsequent months.
  6. All usage is subject to Neuco's Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service.
  7. The sending of SPAM (Unsolicited bulk commercial email) or illegal use of your web site will subject your account to immediate termination.
  8. All payments are due in advance.
  9. Monthly fees due prior to the first day of the month.
  10. All fees are non-refundable.
  11. A $10/month late fee or 1.5%/month (whichever is greater) will be charged for all late payements
  12. Prices subject to change without notice

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